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Washington, DC’s Best Lawyers: Divorce and Family Law


Washington, DC’s Best Lawyers: Divorce and Family Law


Washington, DC’s Best Lawyers: Divorce and Family Law


More and More Women Are Paying Alimony to Failure-to-Launch Ex-Husbands.  - Washingtonian

“It may be a shock to some women [because] they are not interested in supporting, nine times out of ten, what they call the ‘loser’—and that’s why they’re getting out of the marriage, because he’s a ‘loser,’ or he’s strayed, or whatever it might be,” says Cheryl New, a family lawyer who has been practicing in Maryland and Virginia for three-plus decades.


Cheating Spouses, Secret Addictions and Identities—Marriages Are Buckling Under Covid Quarantine  - Washingtonian

Plenty of people who would otherwise litigate over custody of the Peloton simply can’t take another measure of uncertainty in their lives—and are asking their lawyers to hammer out divorce terms during virtual settlements. “I participated in a 13-hour Zoom mediation the other day,” says Cheryl New, an attorney in Bethesda. “Luckily, we resolved it. They were going to be stuck for months.”

People are discovering affairs - Washingtonian

More serious problems have also been exacerbated by quarantine. “A couple of women who’ve called me have been with husbands who are very emotionally abusive, and verbally abusive,” says Cheryl New, a partner at New & Lowinger. “It’s magnified when you’re stuck in the house.” (Though courts are deferring most cases, they are making exceptions for matters that could become dangerous.)


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Washington, DC’s Best Lawyers: Divorce and Family Law,”

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“Known for her skills in the courtroom, New is one of Washington’s most in-demand divorce and family-law attorneys.” –Washingtonian magazine

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